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These are some of the collaboration tools that I use during my work.


Asana is a work management software. It helps teams or individuals organise, track, and manage their work. I specifically enjoy it because it allows you to visualise your work in a Kanban Board or keep track of your tasks in a simple To-Do List.


Miro is an online whiteboard tool, which I use for my online workshops and meetings, such as Retrospectives, Brainstorming sessions, Planning sessions, and so on. It is very comprehensive to use and sparks creativity.


Mentimeter creates presentations with real-time feedback and voting. Whenever I want to receive fast feedback related to specific topics, I create questionnaires or surveys with this tool. The results can be easily presented. Additionally, it can be used as a real-time online brainstorming tool.

Sli.Do is a Q&A and polling platform. I use that tool most of the time during Town Hall meetings where we present the latest information of a specific timespan to a department or the whole company. While presenting the news, every employee can access Sli.Do in parallel and raise upcoming questions. Everyone else can vote on these questions. There will be a list of prioritised questions at the end of the topic or meeting. In that way, everyone can anonymously raise concerns, ask questions and engage with the shared content.

Spatial Chat

Spartial Chat is very similar to video conference software. The most significant difference is that everyone enters a virtual environment in the form of a bubble with their profile picture. Your video will be displayed in the bubble if the camera is on. Now everyone can move their own bubble around and engage with others in conversations. I have used it in teams to increase collaboration. Every team member was regularly online in that virtual platform, and if you wanted to chat with a colleague, you only had to move your bubble close to your colleague's bubble to start a conversation.


These were the tools that I usually use. Before you start using any of these tools, a small tip is to make sure that their terms and conditions align with your company's regulations. Have fun experimenting with these programs!


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