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Max Winkler

Scrum Master, Agile Coach und Trainer

Max is an expert when it comes to Scrums, Kanban and lateral team management. His key focus is on self-organised teams and creative new working methods. He is currently attending a training programme in systemic organisational development, team development and leadership in an Agile context.


jobsta OG

Software development and IT consulting


Jobsta develops professional bespoke software solutions. Relying on its in-depth expertise in high-end software development, process automation and IT security, jobsta advises various national and international companies in the areas of software architecture and system design.


Renate Lackinger

Agile/Systemic Business Coach and Consultant

Renate has been an Agile Coach since 2010 (Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Holacracy, etc.). She sparks growth in leaders and high-performance teams, taps Agile potential and inspires people to believe that everything is possible. In 2014, she founded her company AMITAH – Business Coaching, which focuses on organisational development, Agile transformation and leadership consulting. She is also a lecturer at the Ferdinand Porsche FernFH - Distance-Learning University of Applied Sciences.


Work Smart Austria

Work Smart Austria is a corporate network for the new world of work. This trust-based think tank allows movers and shakers to indulge in a can-do spirit and deploy innovative social learning formats. This community is open to future-oriented companies from Austria, Germany and Switzerland who have embarked on the work smart transformation journey. 


Elisabeth Walter

the "Aufstellerin". She is an expert on how different systems work and how they interact. She passes this knowledge on to people inside and outside of companies by training business mentors. The main focus is on understanding system dynamic processes (systems such as group, rank, communication dynamics) and promoting a respectful and appreciative language culture.

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