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"We launched two agile projects at our company for the first time last year. Karin Haberleithner supported us here as an external coach from Day 1. 

Karin managed to quickly introduce all participants to the world of agile project management and, most importantly, to inspire them. 
Her direct and specific approach also allowed her to counter scepticism by means of a lot of convincing effort. 

For me, as the project owner, Karin always acts as a highly appreciated sparring partner and a valuable source of input. On behalf of all team members, I would like to thank her for the productive collaboration!"

Daniel Weiß – Sales Manager at KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG

"Karin Haberleithner supported us last year during the first-time implementation of two Agile projects. Her inputs and commitment allowed the two Agile teams she coached to focus fully on clarifying the demands of our customers and the market as well as the subsequent product development. The new methods made it possible to launch our innovative products within just a year.
The valuable tips and tricks on 'Agile' provided by Karin have already influenced the company and are also being deployed in other projects. 
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Karin for her outstanding efforts, professional support and the excellent collaboration."

Johannes Lackner – Head of Innovation at KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG

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"Karin Haberleithner is certainly one of the most outstanding Agile Coaches in the D-A-CH region. She has combined in-depth expertise on Agile methods and their interaction with a very specific approach. If companies are willing to accept change, Karin is the right person to help."

Markus Mayrhofer, MBA, BUSINESS DOCTOR 

"I got to know and appreciate Karin from a mutual customer. We have worked together trustingly as coaches for over a year. Karin has incredible knowledge in the areas of coaching, corporate development and personnel development, from the classic as well as from the Agile working world. With her broad portfolio and her way of dealing with people, she has the right approaches for a wide variety of situations and is, therefore, an enrichment for every company. 
I learned a lot from Karin and can recommend her without exception!"


Max Winkler, Senior Business Consultant | Agile Advisory Austria at BearingPoint

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"Karin helped us to develop different areas at our company (supporting individuals, building teams, knowledge exchange, mindset changes, reorg projects, etc.). I found her to be a very approachable, well-prepared and focused person. She stayed calm, connective and solution-oriented even in very challenging situations."


Roland Mayer, Head of Leadership Coaching & Training at Leaders21com

"I had the chance to work with Karin on the reorg of my area. I can't emphasise enough how helpful it was to have her on that project. Lots of experience, new perspectives, and the dedication to support every individual colleague are what you get when working together.“

Christina-Anna Stenz, VP of Content bei Runtastic GmbH

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