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What motivates me as an Agile Coach?

Over the course of my career, I have worked with numerous leading companies in the insurance, banking, service, IT, trading and fitness sectors in the role of an IT project lead, IT consultant, manager and management consultant, among others. 


These roles provided me with many opportunities to observe how employees' initial motivation and enthusiasm toward their companies wane over time. The triggers of this were, for example, a poor working environment, fear of the consequences of making mistakes or micromanagement from above. A working environment such as this frustrates employees and also causes considerable damage to companies. 


For this reason, I have increasingly tackled the question of how companies can create a lively working culture and be commercially successful. 

I now support companies when it comes to developing the skills to constantly adapt to change and fully tap their latent potential. 


My clients evolve with every new challenge and offer attractive jobs in which employees organise themselves and jointly work towards goals in an environment that motivates them daily through trust and transparency and provides them with opportunities to grow and learn from errors. 


I work in small iterative steps alongside my clients to gradually change the working environment. 

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